Ballzando: (baltz ahn doh) adj. A dynamic level far above all traditional dynamic levels


Ballzando is expanding and so will our library here in the coming weeks.


Ballzando is more than a "in stock" or "all in one box" marching band show design company. We pride ourselves on taking creative risks that turn the heads of crowds and judges alike for the better! Combined, our team has almost 100 years combined in show design experience and have been at it, providing amazing musical and visual productions for the pageantry scene including marching band and drum corps the last 25 years.


Detailed descriptions and recordings of our exclusive 2018 shows and more will be available to peruse in the next few weeks and some are available now! Every show our experienced design team puts together has been carefully crafted to generate cheers, smiles, and tears (good ones).


We provide both completed shows and custom shows for our clients. We only take on so many custom shows a year, so please be sure to contact us early for those slots.


Along with music arranging and composing, we also offer drill design, colorguard work design, colorguard uniform design, flag design, as well as program coordination services

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