*NEW* Originally Commissioned 2017

Webster High School Marching Band


Most Asian style marching band shows take the approach of using reds and golds to portray their production.


We spun the concept on it's head as we tell the tale of an Asian winter featuring the music of Mark Ford's "Stubernic Fantasy" and Madonna's "Frozen".


The show starts with the haunting echo of Asian flutes from the East, bursting into a taiko style drumming lead before the winds enter providing an dynamic and angular intro.


The first movement explores sections of Mark Ford's "Stubernic Fantasy" as you get to showcase both your brass and woodwind sections.


The ballad is framed with a beautiful flute solo and a modern, esoteric take on Madonna's "Frozen" from her 1998 "Ray of Light" album.


The show concludes as we bring back "Stubernic Fantasy", starting with a marimba cadenza into a full on, driving closer with beautiful melodic passages, another woodwind feature, and a powerful ending.






Clarinet (1,2)

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Trumpet (1,2,3)


Low Brass (1,2)




Marimba (1,2,3)


Synthesizer (2)

Rack Percussion (1,2)




Basses (5)







Full Ensemble Score

Wind Score & Parts

Pit Score & Parts

Battery Score & Parts


Electronic Audio Samples

Count Sheets