Delirious NY

*NEW* Originally Commissioned 2014

Webster High School Marching Band


Welcome to New York.... well... kind of...


A big fanfare starts off this show with the melody of Gary Ziek's "Nocturne" and hints of "New York, New York" cap off this bold intro.


We then dive into a sultry and jazzy take of Gary Ziek's Nemesis as your band navigates traffic in these busy city streets. This movement includes opportunities for your woodwinds and brass to shine with call and answer passages and quick moving passages. This one is sure to cook.


The ballad highlights a clarinet solo as the streetlights come on and we return to the sultry and dark "Nocturne"


The show closes as the ever popular "Empire State of Mind" gets a jazz-fusion treatment, a feature for your battery percussion and front ensemble, plenty of visual opportunities, and a explosive ending, priming your band to bring down the house at the end.







Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Bari Sax

Trumpet (1,2,3)


Low Brass (1,2,3)





Marimba (1,2,3)

Vibe (1,2)

Synthesizer (2)

Bass Guitar

Rack Percussion (1,2)

Drum Set




Basses (5)

Marching Cymbals







Full Ensemble Score

Wind Score & Parts

Pit Score & Parts

Battery Score & Parts


Electronic Audio Samples

Count Sheets